Michael Isikoff Exits NBC News

Michael Isikoff Exits NBC News

Michael Isikoff, the left-wing journalist most famous for getting scooped on The Story of the Decade by Matt Drudge, is exiting NBC News. The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple confirmed the report Friday. Isikoff told The New York Times: “[I]t was increasingly clear [NBC News was] moving in directions in which there were going to be fewer opportunities for my work.”  

Isikoff had been with the left-wing network since 2010. Prior to that he had spent more than a decade with Newsweek.

It was during his time with Newsweek that Isikoff became yet-another icon of a mainstream media more interested in protecting power than holding power accountable. In 1998, Isikoff had uncovered the affair between then-President Bill Clinton and a young intern named Monica Lewinski. Newsweek, however, refused to publish the story.

So Drudge did — not the story but the news that Newsweek was refusing to explode its own  bombshell. ‘NEWSWEEK KILLS STORY ON WHITE HOUSE INTERN … SEX RELATIONSHIP WITH PRESIDENT,’ the Drudge headline read — and an era in New Media was born.

A lot has changed with the mainstream media in the 16 years since, and none of it for the better.  

Today, in order to avoid hurting Democrats, the media simply refuses to investigate Democrat scandals. Of the half-dozen Obama scandals, the American media has not broken a single one.

Today, Newsweek and the rest of the MSM stay as far away as possible from any whiff of Democrat scandal. But if a scandal does happen break through, America’s Newsweeks (NBC News, CNN, The Washington Post) play goalie for the Democrat to ensure the scandal never goes anywhere.

This is how the Obama administration gets away with everything from gun-running to using the IRS to target Obama’s political opponents during his re-election campaign.

Rather than use the Drudge/Newsweek lesson to get better, the media decided to become even more corrupt.


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