New NPR Chief Is Big Democrat Donor

New NPR Chief Is Big Democrat Donor

Buried at the bottom of NPR’s story about new NPR chief Jarl Mohn is the unsurprising news that Mohn is a major Democrat donor who, since 1990, has “contributed $217,000, most of it going to Democratic candidates and political committees.”

Looks like the State’s Media is safely in the hands of a Statist.

The left-wing NPR, that is partly funded by over-burdened taxpayers, has one overriding mission, and that’s to protects its creator and benefactor: the federal government.

Despite its place on the taxpayer teat, like the government it so fervently protects, NPR is still managing to operate at a deficit. NPR is currently offering its employees voluntary buyouts in the hopes of overcoming a cash buyout of $6.1 million, which NPR says is 3% of its revenues.


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