Rove Blowback Reveals Media's 2016 Pro-Hillary Playbook

Rove Blowback Reveals Media's 2016 Pro-Hillary Playbook

Through Karl Rove’s comments about Hillary Clinton’s head injury and health, the mainstream media have been kind enough to give us a preview of just how fiercely they intend to protect the former Secretary of State, should the left-wing Democrat decide to run for president in 2016. Rove’s comments might have been a bit abrasive, but for two days now he has been blistered by the DC media, repeatedly misquoted, and now at long last the S-word has reared its predictable head.


TODD: “I don’t care if they’re 45 or 70. At the end of the day, I think it’s important, the American public wants to know. They want to make their judgment about who the running mate is, things like that. So that is fair game. But to sit there and say it only really applies to her. And you go down that road, it’s going to look a little sexist if you’re not careful and it’s going to backfire.”

Rove has no real political power. He is merely a talking head, fundraiser, and organizer.

Harry Reid, on the other hand, is the second most powerful man in elected politics after President Obama. The Nevada Democrat is the sitting Majority Leader of the United States Senate, and yet almost every day Reid savages, lies about, or publicly shames his political opponents. During the 2012 presidential election Reid brazenly lied about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes.

And yet, this powerful Democrat has paid absolutely no political price in the media for regularly doing what the media is falsely accusing Rove of doing.  

Rove says one abrasive thing while bringing up the perfectly legitimate concern about Hillary’s health and the facts surrounding it, but after giving Reid a total pass for two years, suddenly the media is concerned about “rhetoric,” “crossing the line,” and using their power to ensure that those who do so pay a real price.  

Immediately after Rove’s comments went public, the collective media (who were obviously thrilled to be on the attack while feigning outrage) organized a witch hunt that not only misquoted Rove (he never used the words “brain damage”) but now brands a perfectly legitimate line of inquiry as “sexist.”  

The media playbook to protect Barack Obama in 2008 from his inexperience, a teleprompter addiction, a troubling relationship with a domestic terrorist (and lying about it), an absolutely terrifying mentor in  Jeremiah Wright, and a disturbing history with illegal drugs, contained just one word: racist.

This is naked McCarthyism on the media’s part — a way to protect their candidate with a single word that shuts down debate, legitimate criticism and lines of inquiry.

It worked in 2008, and it looks as though our objective, unbiased, not-at-all liberal media intend to stick with it.


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