CNN: Economy Shrinking 'No Big Deal'

CNN: Economy Shrinking 'No Big Deal'

CNN’s left-wing bias appears to know no bounds. Even though the economy shrinking by a full 1% in the first quarter of 2014 means very real pain for very real people living in a very real economy that has remained flat for going on 6 long years, in order to save President Obama from a tough news cycle, CNN would like everyone to know that a shrinking economy is “no big deal.”

But it is a big deal. Objectively it is a big deal. Even if the economy rebounds some in the second quarter, for three harsh months (outside the Emerald Cities of Washington DC and Manhattan), the economy dipping from an already anemic 2.6% to -1% is, like Soylent Green, people.

A three month economic slump might be “no big deal” for the wealthy, employed, and elite who run CNN, but for the working class living on the margins, it is a very real blow felt in every aspect of their lives.

The media’s lack of empathy for the tens of millions of Americans struggling under Obama’s dismal economic policies is only adding to that struggle. Because the media keeps covering and happy talking for him, Obama and Democrats feel no pressure to fix his policies.


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