Ben Shapiro Blasts CNN Over Its Anti-Israel Coverage

Ben Shapiro Blasts CNN Over Its Anti-Israel Coverage

Appearing on CNN Tonight Monday evening, Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Ben Shapiro blasted the left-wing network for its anti-Israel coverage over the past three-plus weeks of Israel’s war of self defense against Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Just as National Review’s Lee Habeeb did Monday morning, Shapiro again proved that CNN has no answer for its indefensible behavior… other than straw men.

Ben Shapiro: If Hamas could come up with any sort of outlet that could have created a will to kill more Jewish babies and Palestinian babies, CNN would have been it. CNN is a key factor in drawing the same sort of equivalence that Hamas hopes to win in this conflict.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota: Hold on Ben, I want to stop you there. You’re saying that because CNN has interviewed Palestinian families and shown Palestinian children who have been wounded or killed that somehow CNN is saying Hamas is okay. I don’t think that those two are equivalent. We’re not allowed to show the civilian caught in the crossfire.

Shapiro: That’s a straw man.

Yep. A big yellow burning straw man, and the same one CNN used against Habeeb earlier that same day. CNN can’t defend its horrible coverage, so CNN has to pretend its critics are arguing in favor of something unreasonable, like a ban on coverage of civilian deaths.

For three weeks, CNN has treated Hamas terrorists with more respect and deference than the network has shown some Republicans. Moreover, CNN has gleefully played along with the Hamas gameplan that demands dead Palestinian children be blamed on a country defending itself and not the savages who use these children as shields and hide their war weapons in schools, mosques, hospitals, and densely populated neighborhoods.

Hamas wants CNN screaming about dead children without providing the full contextual truth that explains why those innocents are dead. And CNN has proven itself desperate and eager to play along.

As far as Rula Jebreal, she was outclassed and incapable of handling Shapiro last night. However, CNN brought Jebreal back this morning for a lengthy, unopposed one-on-one interview with Chris Cuomo on “New Day.” Here Jebreal was allowed to speak at length. Cuomo asked questions, but pretty much let her clean up her mess from last night.

Shapiro tells me that he has not been invited back on CNN for a lengthy one-on-one, or for anything else.

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