Politico Playbook: Ebola Hearings? What Ebola Hearings?

Politico Playbook: Ebola Hearings? What Ebola Hearings?

Politico’s Mike Allen is famous for never taking a day off. His Politico Playbook even publishes on Christmas Day. Friday’s Playbook makes one wonder if Allen didn’t write this one up in advance so he could sleep in.

Today’s Playbook is jam-packed with trips down the 40 year-old memory lane of Watergate and an exhaustive defense of our golfer-in-chief’s golfing (“Obama is believed to be an honest scorekeeper … He is also known for maintaining his preternaturally calm demeanor on the course as well as off.”).

One word you won’t find in Friday’s Playbook, though, is “Ebola.” You will find 4,424 other words, but not a peep, mention, or hint of Ebola. This, despite the fact there was an alarming Congressional hearing  Thursday about the rapidly spreading outbreak on the continent of Africa and an expert who said the death tolls are going to be unimaginable and that six people are currently being tested here in America.

The hearings also revealed that some Republicans are concerned enough about America’s lack of preparation for an outbreak that there’s a proposal calling for more than $200 million in new spending to catch us up to speed.

You would think that kind of worry about a deadly disease raging across Africa and only a plane ride away from America would rate a Playbook mention. Matt Dornic’s birthday did. He works at CNN and turned 34 yesterday.   

Unfortunately, the only thing our present-day media seems to have learned from Watergate is “Get Republicans!” All the truth-digging, skepticism, and real journalism that occurred 40 years ago has been discarded as a quaint notion held by a press corps that needs to die so the memory of real journalism can get out of the way of The Narrative.

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