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**UPDATE** CNN Clears CNN's Fareed Zakaria of Plagiarizing on CNN

**UPDATE** CNN Clears CNN's Fareed Zakaria of Plagiarizing on CNN

As you watch this video, keep the following in mind: When dozens of plagiarism examples are unearthed that show Fareed Zakaria serially stealing the work of others, this is how the elite media handles it… Ignore, stonewall, ignore, stonewall, and then have have Zakaria’s own co-worker on Zakaria’s own network clear him of all charges. 

Despite the fact that numerous journalism ethicists have declared what Zakaria did outright plagiarism, the same mainstream media that will vet reality television star Phil Robertson, bedevil the NFL over transparency for weeks, and relentlessly dig into Mitt Romney’s 50-year-old pranks, refuses to be in any way transparent.

Instead they circle the wagons in a conspiracy of silence to protect one of their own — even rival networks and news outlets. 

Moreover, watch CNN Media Reporter Brian Stelter dissemble. He says he disagrees with “a lot” of Our Bad Media’s plagiarism charges against Zakaria, but not all. Moreover, he only defends the charges directed at Zakaria’s CNN program “GPS,” not the others.

If this were Sean Hannity or Charles Krauthammer… Well,let’s just say that Democrats like Zakaria sure got it good.


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