CNN Under Fire Over Treatment of Black Employees

CNN Under Fire Over Treatment of Black Employees

While CNN is publicly becoming more and more infamous for its on-air race baiting based on nothing more than unfounded speculation and a cynical political agenda, behind the scenes, the leftwing cable news network is under fire for its treatment of black employees.

According to the Daily Caller, just this week the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) condemned CNN, specifically citing Suzanne Malveaux, T.J. Holmes, and Soledad O’Brien. In just a few years, all three have either been fired or pushed out of a CNN anchor position.

This is not the first time that CNN and its chief, Jeff Zucker, have been criticized by the NABJ. Early last year the organization expressed concerns after Soledad O’Brien and Roland Martin were canned.

Also this week, Deadline reported that CNN has been named in a $5 million discrimination lawsuit. Fifty-one year-old Stanley Wilson, a 17 year CNN employee, claims that despite his work on numerous high-profile CNN projects in the capacity of a producer, he was only promoted once.

 Wilson claims that Peter Janos, who served as his immediate or general supervisor for his entire 17 years at CNN, “never liked Plaintiff and never wanted him at the [Los Angeles] bureau because of Plaintiff’s protected characteristics, including his race, color and ancestry, among other things.”

Wilson was promoted only once during his tenure at CNN, in 2003, despite applying for a dozen job openings. According to the suit, “In 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, Plaintiff verbally complained to the CNN Senior Vice-President of Human Resources (HR) that African-American men outside of Atlanta, D.C., and New York were not being promoted. Plaintiff complained that Janos was an important actor in the wholesale discrimination against African-American men in the hiring and promotion of staff producers and television photographers in Los Angeles.

Wilson was fired in January for alleged plagiarism. Despite numerous charged of plagiarism leveled at Fareed Zakaria, CNN has firmly stood by Zakaria.

CNN is always the first network to pour gasoline on any fire with shrill, divisive, and destructive screams of racism. Facts be damned. And yet, within its own glass house, and for nearly two years now, the leftwing network just can’t seem to satisfy critics like the NABJ, even though both are institutional soul-mates of the Left.

Maybe it’s time we have a national conversation about CNN’s treatment of its black employees. And it’s long past time the Department of Justice get involved.

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