Inequality: 8% of CNN Workforce Cut While Anchors Reap Millions

Inequality: 8% of CNN Workforce Cut While Anchors Reap Millions

According to various news reports, CNN chief Jeff Zucker is worth $40 million; CNN anchor Don Lemon is worth $3 million; “New Day” co-host Chris Cuomo makes $2.5 million per year, as does primetime anchor Erin Burnett. Anderson cooper rakes in a cool $10 million per. At the leftwing cable news network, the rich get richer as 300 positions — a full 8% of CNN’s workforce is cut.

Layoffs have begun at CNN.

As many as 300, or 8%, of CNN’s workforce is being cut in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles. About 130 staffers have taken a voluntary buyout, other open positions are not being filled. The remainder, about 170 positions, are the result of layoffs which are happening today and tomorrow. …

We hear up to 28 jobs are being cut in Washington, D.C., many are news-gathering positions.

The CNN entertainment unit is also being disbanded and staffers in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles are departing.

As of now there are no news reports of any leftwing CNN anchors or executives volunteering to accept a pay cut in order to save just one of these jobs.

Talk to me again about income and wealth inequality, CNN.

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