TMZ: NBC Medical Correspondent's Quarantine Violation Gets Maid Fired

TMZ: NBC Medical Correspondent's Quarantine Violation Gets Maid Fired

In a classic tale of how the selfish entitlement of the elite 1% always ends up hurting the working class, TMZ reports that a maid named Vilma has lost her job thanks to NBC Medical Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman’s reckless decision to violate her Ebola quarantine to grab some take-out food.

After a cameraman Snyderman worked with in Africa tested positive for Ebola, she and the rest of her team were place on a voluntary 21-day quarantine. Rather than honor the quarantine, incredibly, she put on sunglasses, jumped in her Mercedes, and drove to the Peasant Grill, a local restaurant near her home in New Jersey. The goal was soup.

After news broke of the breach, the New Jersey Department of Health made the quarantine mandatory.

The fallout didn’t end there.

Apparently, the chef at Snyderman’s restaurant has a sister named Vilma who works as a maid. Fearing Vilma might have contracted Ebola from her brother, two of her customers gave her the heave-ho.  

Snyderman, a fervent leftwing ObamaCare supporter frequently seen on MSNBC, has yet to take responsibility for her reckless and selfish behavior.

Is someone who behaves so irresponsibly really the best NBC News can do for a high-profile medical correspondent? If Snyderman’s soup run while under quarantine isn’t a violation of her Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, then what is? 

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