Piers Morgan: I Was ‘Too Aggressive’ in my Pursuit of Gun Control

Piers Morgan: I Was ‘Too Aggressive’ in my Pursuit of Gun Control

On December 9, Piers Morgan spoke with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and admitted he had been “too aggressive” in pursuing gun control and had failed to try to understand America’s “culture of gun ownership.”

Morgan told Kelly he does not regret supporting gun control, but wishes he had done so in a way that would have opened the door to a “two-way conversation.”

Here are Morgan’s exact words: “I think I became too aggressive. I think I didn’t listen to the other side as much as I should have done. I think there is a culture of gun ownership in America which I didn’t afford enough respect to. ” He said that if he had the chance again, “it would be a much more two-way conversation I would have with people to try to understand why America has an obsession with guns, as many people see it and how you get to a place [where] there is more safety involved in guns than perhaps there is now.”

Morgan still misses the mark here inasmuch as he continues to speak of America’s “obsession with guns.” Guns themselves are not the obsession. Rather, freedom is. And guns are a mark of free people. 

Moreover, as Breitbart News told Morgan when appearing on his television show in August 2013, guns are tools that allow the vulnerable to become less vulnerable. Tools that, when taken away–as in Chicago–put many vulnerable persons–often women–in a perilous situation where they are at the mercy of their attackers. 

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