Gov. Palin Blasts NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Over Lena Dunham ‘Lovefest’

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In a comment released to Breitbart News Thursday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted “Today Show” co-host Savannah Guthrie for her “lovefest” with Lena Dunham Wednesday morning. Due to her own experience with Guthrie on Tuesday, the Governor used the contrast to highlight just how biased, unfair, unprofessional, and outright dishonest Guthrie is. Palin’s full comment is below:

In contrast, in an interview the day before this Lena Dunham lovefest, Guthrie asked me if I, after enduring days of hate and threats spewed at my family again, took a ‘cheap shot’ at Obama by merely mentioning his admittance to eating dead dog in the plainspoken post I wrote defending my innocent son and his good dog. She was inferring, of course, that my reference to an established fact is beyond the pale, but apparently Lena Dunham’s knowing indictment of a totally innocent man is perfectly respectable.

Guthrie apparently believes it’s a “cheap shot” for Palin to point out that a president who ate a dog ate a dog. You can see the full interview here.

When it comes to the fact that for six weeks “Girls” star Lena Dunham stayed silent while she knew her memoir had placed an innocent man under a false cloud of suspicion that he was her rapist, Guthrie outright lies to her audience and pretends the controversy (that resulted in Dunham finally apologizing and Random House altering the memoir in question) was nothing more than a cheap attack on Dunham’s credibility.

To be fair, Guthrie didn’t just lie to her audience, she also went full-gushing fan-girl and asked Dunham to give her a role on “Girls.”

Apparently, being a biased and dishonest groupie still passes for journalism at NBC News.


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