With Jon Stewart Gone, Media Lose Potent Ally Against Conservatives


Jon Stewart announced Wednesday that he will step down from the his “Daily Show” hosting duties sometime this year or early next. The unbiased, objective, not-at-all liberal media is already deep in mourning. With Stewart gone, the media know they are losing a vital weapon in the arsenal they use to destroy conservatives.

Jon Stewart is the least man-of-the-people comedian America has ever seen. Though he disguises himself as a populist, in reality he’s a self-described socialist, who, for the last decade and a half, has sought and enjoyed unearned fame by playing a Court Jester perfectly-aligned with everything the Court of the Media Elite holds dear: Power over others, a monopoly on political speech, and withering attacks against conservatives.

In exchange for more than 15  years of constant reassurance that they are absolutely right about absolutely everything — from their flyover prejudices, to their love of Obama, to the righteousness of an oppressive federal government — the media offered Stewart an out-sized influence compared to his meager ratings. The benefits to the media were also massive.

On a consistent basis, year after year after year, Stewart regularly gifted his Media Masters with ammunition in the form of video clips that eviscerated conservatives and conservative ideas as stupid, crazy, selfish, or racist.  Without fail, Stewart supplied and re-supplied the media with video-cannon balls aimed at the Tea Party, and anyone who dared investigate the scandals or question the disastrous left-wing policies of The Precious.

Whether it was a video embedded online at the Washington Post or broadcast outright on CNN and the other networks, during hard news programming, the media was relentless in using Stewart’s clips as devastating weapons of distraction and illegitimacy against the political right.

Yes, the media also wield “SNL” clips and some others, but the media spent years fabricating Jon Stewart into something he wasn’t — another Jonny Carson, America’s Truth Teller. And by design this gave Stewart an artificial gravitas, which in turn gave the news media cover to use his clips to further its agenda with a simple, “And now a Truth Bomb from our Uncle Jon.”

The greatest trick the media ever played was portraying a man with almost no viewers as our modern day-Mark Twain.

And because Uncle Jon always did what was expected of him — like use the current Brian Williams scandal as a vehicle to *yawn* bring back the good old days of Bush bashing, wished into the media cornfield was the fact that Uncle Jon regularly drew fewer viewers than Mike Huckabee and reruns of “The Family Guy.”

There’s no question Jon Stewart is a talented guy. But he is also an intellectual coward, a defender of a central government forcing others to conform to his values,  a hypocrite opposed to others enjoying the same unfettered speech that made him a multi-millionaire, and a sellout to The Man.

Don’t let the gilded door hit you on the way out, Jon.

ADDED: The White House is sad to see Jon Stewart go.

If that doesn’t say it all…


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