Politico Circles Wagons: Accuses TMZ of Stalking Hillary


The fact that TMZ is currently doing the journalism the mainstream media won’t (aggressively pursuing Hillary Clinton for answers about her email scandal) did not shame the left-wing Politico into being better journalists. Instead, TMZ’s act of journalism made Politico angry and eager to protect the almost-certain Democrat nominee for president from the indignity of answering questions.

Politico is now accusing TMZ of stalking Ms. Clinton.

Equally outrageous is the fact that Politico chose not to embed the TMZ video of Hillary ignoring the question.

Politico editor Blake Hounshell went even further in dismissing the video. He called the question Hillary ran away from “grammatically confusing.”

UPDATE: Politico changed the headline to “TMZ asks Hillary a Question.”

A headline that means absolutely nothing, a headline that will attract no interest or traffic, a benign-as-possible headline placed on top of a story that doesn’t even embed the video.

A Politico headline that read “Video: Hillary Ducks Question About Emails,” might just call too much attention to a video of Hillary ducking questions about her emails.

Media outlets who see traffic and disseminating the news as a priority do not write headlines like that.

Democrats sure got it good.


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