Q1 Ratings: CNN’s Far-Left Move Costs MSNBC Nearly Half Its Audience

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CNN’s ratings for the first quarter of 2015 are out, and in the bitter fight for last place, CNN’s move to the far-left has resulted in CNN enjoying ratings gains apparently at MSNBC’s expense. Although both CNN and MSNBC are way behind Fox News in every metric, the two left-wing networks appear to be in a fight for the same pool of far-left viewers.

Per a press release, during the first quarter, CNN claims to have posted double digit gains when compared to a year ago, while MSNBC lost almost half their audience.

Ever since the Jeff Zucker-era began at CNN, the left-leaning network has moved even further left using unrelenting race hoaxes like Ferguson and George Zimmerman, combined with anti-Christian narratives like the one we’re seeing now around the Indiana religious freedom law.

It is no fluke that per a recent Quinnipiac poll, CNN is the most trusted television news outlet by a long shot among Democrats.  While only 14% of Democrats trust MSNBC the most, CNN won the trust of 32%.

And for good reason almost twice as many Democrats trust CNN over MSNBC. The former-Most Trusted Name In News is now a relentless left-wing narrative driver. Everything serves its narrative, including misinformation, outright lies, and demagoguery.

Here’s an example of a rare burst of honesty from CNN. Note that it is not a CNN anchor’s “reward” to tell the truth, inform viewers or present the facts. Chris Cuomo wants to drive the debate. That’s not journalism. That’s activism:

Cuomo, whose on-air behavior is becoming increasingly erratic and narcissistic, has gone so far as to speak for Jesus on the issue of same sex marriage and pledged to help the Obama White House pass its agenda through congress.

The important thing to keep in mind about CNN is that despite the hype, the network is still sinking. Reality shows have already replaced about a third of CNN’s news programming, 2014 was the left-wing network’s worst year yet, and the network is under for its treatment of black employees.

Day by day, inch by inch, CNN is losing its ability impact to our politics and culture. The move to the shrill left is CNN’s last gasp before it collapses onto itself in the same way Headline News did.


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