CNN: Good Guys With Guns Ended Garland Attack In 15 Seconds


On May 3 Breitbart News reported that two gunmen approached the Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, and began firing. Their attack was cut down by good guys with guns who were there to stop bad guys.

On May 4, CNN provided a timeframe for how long it took to end the attack–the whole thing lasted “15 seconds.”

That’s it–the attackers were dead 15 seconds after being engaged by heavily armed Garland PD.

Think about it–The two men approached the Culwell Center just as the “Mohammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” was scheduled to conclude and they began firing. Security guard Bruce Joiner was shot in the ankle with one of the initial bursts of gunfire–“he was later treated at a hospital and released.” Then, according to CNN, “Garland police, who were helping with security, fired back, killing both gunmen. The exchange lasted about 15 seconds.”

Garland Mayor Douglas Athas said, “The first suspect was shot immediately. The second suspect was wounded and reached for his backpack. He was shot again.” And that was it.

The body of one of the attackers then remained lifelessly sprawled in the street while police checked the suspects’ vehicle for explosives.

Rewind to the January 7 attack on Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris. Some of the first responders to that attack were good guys without guns. As a result, The Guardian published video showing the two attackers walking at a causal pace and a photo, taken seconds before one of the attackers executed a policeman outside Charlie Hebdo headquarters, was widely published as well.

The attack which began on Charlie Hebdo’s Paris headquarters–ostensibly spawned by Muhammad cartoons–continued at different points in and around the city for the next 48 hours. Twelve innocent lives were taken in the initial attack alone.

By contrast, in Garland–where Mohammad cartoons ostensibly spawned the attack as well–two attackers were engaged by good guys with guns and the attack ended in 15 seconds without a single, innocent life lost.

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