NYT Reporter: ‘Free Speech Aside,’ Why Would Anyone Hold a Conference Critical of Islam?

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A New York Times reporter wants to know why on earth private citizens would organize a conference dedicated to a robust, free discussion of a critical issue facing the country.

By some sad alchemy, free speech, protected by the First Amendment, transforms into “hate speech” once a reporter decides it’s Double-Plus-Ungood.

Rukmini Callimachi expressed the classic dilemma of liberals who are forced by thwarted gunmen to confront the arguments that edge, in a horrifying manner, to the left of media consensus. Followers are expected to retweet “Geller, Unfiltered” in shocked silence.

Callimachi, a journalist who has long reported on “radical” Islam, frowns at Geller’s speech. Retweets do not equal endorsements, except when they do.


You mean, inflicting sharia law on America? When did Geller suppress someone else’s free speech? This user quickly protected his Twitter account, but we have screenshots.


“Idiots” to be shot at? Unlike the Baltimore rioters, who wrecked 200 businesses, of course.

A Muslim residing in Texas is alarmed by the response to gunmen trying to slaughter attendees of the conference. America must be shamed for its inexplicable, baffling bigotry which mysteriously bloomed after the September 11 jihadist terror attacks, the Fort Hood jihad terror, the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France, the mass Pakistani rapes of British girls — and now the attempted assault on the Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest. Memo to the West: Submit to “peace and tolerance” so we can stop alarming Muslims who try to shoot up our conferences — excuse me, enrich us with diversity.

As a Christian, Callimachi finds “Piss Christ” deeply offensive. Strangely, she restrained herself from trying to kill the so-called artist. Since all cultures are equal, this is a great mystery.

Since “Piss Christ” is a crucifix submerged in urine, it’s not as horrible as a cartoon, you see. “Mocking Christians is one thing,” as Callimachi says. You cross a line when you dare criticize Islam. (Viciously attacking Catholics is supported by the New York Times.)

No one who disagrees with Islam’s tenets and would prefer not to be shot to death for attending a conference can object to the fate liberals have in mind for them. After all, there were these guys, like, 80 years ago who burned crosses. Therefore, you’re a moral inferior.




Please agree with the mainstream media, or you will be un-personed. Have a nice day.

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