As Baltimore Smolders, CNN Launches New Anti-Cop Hate Campaign


As we saw tragically in Ferguson and Baltimore, CNN doesn’t wait for the facts when it comes to launching its relentless Hate Campaigns against the police.

The blueprint is always the same: 1) find a black victim. 2) premise the flood of analysis and commentary that follows based on the idea that the police are guilty. 3) encourage some very bad people to take to the streets. 4) offer the rioters excuses and news coverage as encouragement to destroy a poor black neighborhood. 5) incite more violence. 5) pull back after  assassination attempts are made on a police officer. 6) look for the next anti-cop hate campaign.

Baltimore is still smoldering, and now CNN’s Brooke Baldwin — the anchor who accused Baltimore of handing unstable veterans cops and badges — is ginning up a new anti-cop hate campaign, this one involving a stop way back in March in Colorado Springs.

How many poor black neighborhoods have to burn before CNN learns to wait for the facts and reports responsibly?

We know it’s not two.

How may cops have to be injured or assassinate before CNN waits for the facts?

I’ve lost count.


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