Exposed: George Stephanopoulos Hid $50K Clinton Foundation Donation From Viewers

ABC News

While reporting on, and aggressively defending the Clinton Foundation from numerous scandals and ethical issues, George Stephanopoulos, the star and poster boy of ABC News, hid his own conflict of interest from viewers. According to Politico, Bill Clinton’s former war room soldier and press secretary, the current anchor of “Good Morning America” and “This Week,” has donated at least $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

This is a bombshell of a black eye for ABC News.

Since ABC News hired Stephanopoulos as its chief anchor and chief political correspondent, many questioned how a former-Democrat operative could remain neutral in the role of a news anchor. Even before Hillary Clinton entered the 2016 presidential race, on numerous occasions Stephanopoulos exposed himself as a Democrat operative working as a news man.

With a bizarre but brilliant birth control question during a 2012 GOP presidential debate, it was Stephanopoulos alone who launched the dishonest “War on Women” narrative against the GOP in 2012, one of Obama’s (and the media’s) most effective re-election weapons.

Bias is one thing.

A conflict of interest is one thing.

Reporting on and defending the Clinton Foundation in front of the whole world without disclosing your $50,000 donation to that very same foundation is a cover up, a four alarm scandal.

ABC News has a Brian Williams-problem. Actually, it is worse. Stephanopoulos and ABC News covered up a $50,000 conflict-of-interest involving nothing less than presidential politics. By comparison, Brian Williams  and his fairy tales are the stuff of Eagle Scouts.

To no one’s surprise, ABC News is currently standing by their exposed and disgraced anchor man.


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