Washington Post Reporter Janell Ross Slimes Bush Family with Innuendo on MSNBC


Janell Ross, who is identified by her employer, The Washington Post, as a straight news reporter, went on MSNBC to slime Jeb Bush with unsubstantiated innuendo. Ross’s objectively appalling and wildly inappropriate smear-by-rumor campaign was even too much for Alex Wagner, the openly left-wing MSNBC anchor hosting the hour:

ROSS: I guess I was surprised to hear that these things had been written in a book at a time when the Governor probably had his own issues that he was struggling with in his personal life; it seems like a strange time in your life to suggest that public shaming is a good way to address problems.

WAGNER: Explain. You’re intimating something now.

ROSS: I am and I’m trying to be as delicate as possible but in all honesty the Governor has some issues with his own family that some might argue are worthy of some public shaming.

WAGNER: To be fair, we don’t have– none of those have been corroborated. We have no reporting on that and NBC News cannot confirm any of that. You are a reporter for the Washington Post, if you have independent reporting on that…

Unless Ross is teasing a breaking story at the Washington Post, which does not seem likely, she isn’t just a Washington Post reporter working as a Democrat operative, she is a  Washington Post reporter working as a sleazy Democrat operative seeking to damage a man and his family with nothing more than the kind of sleazy innuendo that even a MSNBC felt the need to disavow.

Republicans have long-believed the Washington Post is out to discredit and disqualify their candidates — and for good reason. Janell Ross (whose Twitter feed is a swamp of extreme-leftism), however, marks a new low in the Post’s sleazy and irresponsible jihad against the Right.

What Ross did is no different from Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes. But this is the Washington Post engaging in these tactics.

Breitbart News reached out to the Washington Post for comment. We will update this story if we hear back.


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