Rush Limbaugh Blasts Media for Trying to Destroy Ben Carson While Fawning over Clintons

Ben Carson announces his run for president in Detroit on May 4.
Paul Sancya/AP

On Wednesday, conservative icon and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh blasted the mainstream press for trying to destroy and dismiss Dr. Ben Carson even though nobody in the mainstream can claim to come close to having any of the Carson’s accomplishments.

“Dr. Benjamin Carson is one of the finest, most accomplished human beings on this planet who has done more for people than most people in politics will ever do,” Limbaugh declared on his radio show. “And he’s done it personally, not with other people’s money.”

Personalities on CNN and MSNBC, perhaps threatened by Carson’s candidacy and how it may undermine their preconceived narratives, have been repeatedly dismissing the retired neurosurgeon as someone who is not “serious” to them. And Limbaugh had enough.

“There is not a single person in the media today that could wear Dr. Benjamin Carson’s uniform, whatever uniform he puts on in a day, a business suit, if it’s surgical scrubs, there’s not a single member of the media that could do anything close to what Ben Carson has done with his life,” Limbaugh said. “But he gets — and he’s not the only one — ripped to shreds, denigrated, destroyed, and for what? He holds to traditional values. He believes in morality. He is just a decent guy and he ends up a target for destruction.”

He said the “Clintons can’t even get on the same stage…. and yet they’re placed there by a fawning accomplice media that’s doing the job of running around and destroying, literally, great, good, fine people.”

“It’s unfortunate how complete character assassination can end up being for somebody who just… why would you even want to destroy someone like Ben Carson? Why?” Limbaugh said. “All he’s done is save the lives of children.I thought that’s what mattered to people on the left and Democrats. So much pro bono, brain surgery on young children, that was his specialty. They even made a movie about him, a movie about his life, it was so extraordinary, it was so exemplary, it was so inspiring.”

Limbaugh called Carson a “a first-class human being and citizen” who is “exactly the kind of person that you could trust running any government institution.”

“You would trust him to babysit your kids. He’s just an admirable human being. He has overcome great odds,” he continued. “He’s brilliant. He’s temperate. There is everything in the world to recommend about the humanity of Dr. Benjamin Carson, and here he is on CNN today ripped and said it’s unfortunate that somebody like Ben Carson will be made to look serious when Trump gets in as the clown.”



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