‘White People Are Annoying’: More Racist Rubbish From The Guardian

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Helpfully dividing all of humanity into “white people” and “brown people”, Comment is Free is again burnishing its reputation as a ‘safe space’ for thinly veiled anti-white racism with an article on London demographic change.

Originally titled ‘Please, no more white people writing smug articles about leaving London’ the article has now been neutered by Guardian editors, perhaps surprised at the negative reaction it received, and recast as ‘London’s super-diversity is a joy. Why would you ever want to leave?’. Aisha Mizra’s comment piece takes a stab at being an amusing reaction to the joy some journalists have expressed at being able to move out of London.

The Guardian has even published some of them – yet Mirza’s desperate anger at “white people” for daring to point out that living on top of nearly nine million other people in the most expensive metropolis on earth isn’t all that great is as evident as it is problematic. No matter how expensive London is, the ‘psychic’ cost for a “brown person” having to endure a “white” neighbour is more terrible, she argues:

“…while the psychic burden of living in the city with the highest living costs in the developed world is very real for a brown person, in my experience the cost of living surrounded only by white people is worse.”


Such disdain for “white people” carries on into Mirza’s own promotion for the piece on social media. Using an absolutely charming phrase,which if ‘white’ replaced ‘brown’ would probably see the world burn, she tweeted her opinion on “white people” in general:


It also appears globe-trotting feminist Mirza, who apparently splits her time between London and New York, clearly hasn’t taken time to visit any of the United Kingdom’s many other racially diverse cities. London to her is the only healthy place for “brown people” in Britain.

Leaving London to visit other parts of the country at all is an anathema to her, she writes:

“The smells and the songs are familiar here, and I am in close contact with people who look a little bit like me and are angry about the same things… I feel the comfort of London peel away whenever my train pulls out of King’s Cross and the threat of overt racism is increased.”

On her Twitter profile, Mirza describes herself as a writer dealing with “feminism and mental health”. Perhaps it is time for her to question whether she’s an horrific racist too.

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