Weekly Standard’s John Podhoretz Attacks Breitbart News as ‘Clown Site’


Out of the blue Monday, The Weekly Standard‘s John Podhoretz attacked Breitbart News as a “clown site” over a story written nearly four weeks ago.

— After I pushed back against Podhoretz’s cheap shot, he decided that the best way to honor the memory of Andrew Breitbart was to use that memory to score cheap political points. This, after publicly attacking Andrew’s legacy as a “clown car,” no less. —


The “Son of Someone”  reference refers to Norman Podhoretz, a giant among conservative writers who, unlike his son John, was not born on third base.

Podhoretz wasn’t done, though, he then attacked Breitbart News readers as “rape-loving.”

Podhoretz is referencing Rick Wilson, a top GOP consultant who today politicized a threat of rape against his child to attack Breitbart News.


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