Playboy: If Not for Ageism, Jerry Brown Would Be President

Jerry Brown Playboy (Etsy / Screenshot)
Etsy / Screenshot

The September issue of Playboy comes close to endorsing California Gov. Jerry Brown for President of the United States–but says he can’t serve because of age discrimination.

Following up on comments last year by comedian Jerry Brown, Playboy‘s Ashton Applewhite writes that Brown is a symbol of prejudice against older people. “Ageism is the last acceptable prejudice in America–that and Asian drivers,” Maher had said, en route to arguing that “[o]nly in America is age more important than the fact that Jerry Brown took a broken state and fixed it.”

Applewhite, in an article entitled “Why Jerry Brown Can’t Be President,” remarks: “As Maher points out, discriminating on the basis of age is stupid because age is relative….It’s high time to mobilize against age-based discrimination and stereotyping. Otherwise, ageism will pit us against one another. It will rob society of a vast amount of knowledge and experience. And it will poison our futures by framing longer, healthier lives as problems instead of the remarkable achievements they represent.”

Brown, 77, is only slightly older than the rest of the field of Democratic Party candidates, real and potential. Socialist Bernie Sanders is nearly 74, and has been speaking to packed crowds nationwide. Frontrunner Hillary Clinton is 67 years old, and Vice President Joe Biden, who is considering a run, is 72 years old.

Playboy famously interviewed “the enigmatic young governor” for its April 1976 issue, calling him “the least boring politician in America.” The issue also included a pictorial of Ursula Andress, the first, and iconic, “Bond Girl,” who starred alongside Sean Connery in Dr. No.


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