Mainstream Media Loves Them Some Cuban TV


Ever since President Obama decided to “normalize” relations with communist Cuba, business owners and media types alike have been salivating over the idea of possibly  being able to rake in big dinero (money, in Español) with the lifting of the long-standing economic sanctions the U.S. has imposed on that regime.

The U.S. national mainstream media, or the Democratic Party’s media wing, don’t seem to care much about the Cuban government’s history of human rights violations, or that Russia, who is using Cuban military troops to combat CIA-trained rebels in Syria, has engaged the U.S. in a new Cold War-era proxy war, are anxious to travel to Cuba for the Cuban Radio & Television International Conference & Exposition.

Again, forget about Cuba’s history of crime and human rights violations, what really matters here is money, right?

Here is what Margaret Cassilly, the National Association of Broadcasters vice president of international programs, said about her upcoming trip to the conference in Havana, Cuba:

 “This trip presents an extraordinary opportunity to open doors and facilitate future business opportunities for both Cuban broadcasters and U.S. suppliers in the media and entertainment industry.”-POLITICO

Meanwhile, the Cuban-American congressional delegation–Senators Marco Rubio (R), Bob Menendez (D), and U.S. Reps Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R), Mario Diaz-Balart (R), and Carlos Curbelo (R)–are firmly opposed to all of Obama’s praise and rewarding of the Castro regime.


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