Bias Backlash: CNN’s ‘New Day’ Collapses; No Win Over ‘Morning Joe’


As Breitbart News has been reporting throughout, CNN’s “New Day” has been in a serious ratings downturn for a number of months now. This month, in October, the left-wing morning show hit a notable low: After 15 months of beating MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in the 25-54 age demo, “New Day” collapsed to just 100,000 demo viewers, which only managed to tie with the MSNBC morning show.

Back in February, “New Day” enjoyed 132,000 demo viewers compared to “Morning Joe’s” 79,000. By July, “New Day” had slipped to just 110,000 demo viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 79,000. Now both shows are tied at a pretty paltry average of just 100,000 over the entire month.

This is a big blow to CNN and its chief Jeff Zucker. Back in January, Zucker was rubbing MSNBC’s nose in his “New Day” ratings victories with snarky full page ads in The New York Times. Keep in mind that the only reason this fight has been so bitter is because the stakes are so low. This was a death match for second and third place, not first. “Fox and Friends” has held the cable news morning crown for a decade or so.

It’s also worth noting that 100,000 demo viewers is considered the dividing line between acceptable and outright failure.

“New Day” has two problems. Faced with ratings humiliation, “Morning Joe” has straightened up considerably. Co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski apparently had some kind of personality transplant last year. Gone (almost) is the smug elitism that made both insufferable. Scarborough is actually acting like a Republican again, as opposed to the gun-grabbing sell-out who delighted in sucker punching his own and cackling (literally) with delight at every GOP defeat.

Scarborough and Brzezinski are also the only two members of the mainstream media who took Trump seriously from the beginning. And this is my shockface.

As far as “New Day,” it continues to be an ongoing left-wing horror show where traditional Christians, Republicans, and pro-life activists are taunted, othered, badgered, race-baited, gotcha’d, declared “dangerous,” and falsely accused of racism. And this only happens in-between the latest morning updates in CNN’s relentless hate campaign against American law enforcement officers.

Basically, this is “New Day’s” problem in a nutshell.

“New Day” has devolved into nothing more than a better produced version of the show it replaced. When Soledad O’Brien anchored CNN mornings, she used her platform and formidable interviewing skills to relentlessly push a left-wing agenda. “New Day” co-hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota do the exact same thing.

Like O’Brien, if Cuomo and Camerota interviewed Democrats with the same zeal, determination and killer instinct they deploy against conservatives, both would be the two best anchors on television. They have the chops, but when you waste those chops pushing an agenda in such a painfully obvious way, that’s not enough.

Posing as objective when you are not destroys your credibility — even with viewers who agree with you. 

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