Trump Blasts Politico: ‘Some of the Most Dishonest People I Have Ever Dealt With’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump called a spade a spade Wednesday morning when he blasted the left-wing Politico and its reporters as “one of the most dishonest organizations I have ever dealt with” populated with “some of the most dishonest people I have ever dealt with[.]” Trump added that he find Politico so dishonest that “we don’t deal with them anymore[.]”

Trump was responding to a poorly sourced Politico hit-piece conjured up by Ben Schreckinger and Ken Vogel. Over the years, Vogel, a former George Soros acolyte, has become infamous for his thinly sourced attacks on Republicans. Vogel is obsessed with the Koch brothers and not so much with the big money donors who fill Democrat coffers.

In August, Schreckinger compared Trump to Democrat segregationist George Wallace.

Trump spoke today with Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius XM Radio.

BANNON: The Politico story. I just want to get to this because I was kind of surprised because it had novelistic tendencies towards it. I don’t think there were any named sources. I might be wrong, and if so I apologize to Politico.

TRUMP: I find Politico to be one of the most dishonest organizations I have ever dealt with. They are, in my opinion, some of the most dishonest people I have ever dealt with. Generally, it is not true what they write.

BANNON: There are some good people over there — Mike Allen and the whole team, so why do you say that? Do you think they’re out for you?

TRUMP: I can only tell you as it pertains to Trump; I have had more false and dishonest articles at Politico than anywhere else. And that’s really saying something. I find Politico to be [dishonest] to a point where we don’t deal with them anymore, essentially don’t deal with them anymore.

BANNON: Give me a specific example.

TRUMP: I’ll tell you one little thing. I was in Phoenix. We had thousands of people. We had a tremendous rally. Politico said it was 4000 people. The next day Bernie Sanders was there — he had a smaller crowd and Politico said he had 15,000.

BANNON: We had people there. There were a lot more than four thousand folks there.

TRUMP: In a later story, Politico said they were reducing the 4,000 to 2,000. … They were so dishonest. That’s one of many things. I deal with everybody — including Breitbart, and I do like Breitbart and Breitbart is 100% legit. When it is good you guys are gunna say the truth. I can’t get good stories from Politico, no matter what I do. The Fox polls came out last night. I’m doing very well. Let’s see how they cover that.

I have found others to be pretty bad. Actually I have found that the political press is unbelievably dishonest over all. I think I find Politico to be about the worst.

BANNON: There are so many good people over there. Why do you say it’s the worst.

TRUMP: Maybe they don’t like me. I have always heard that they were liberal-leaning. But I don’t know why. … We get very dishonest coverage from Politico and eventually that catches up to you.

BANNON: And [your people] have sat down with Politico and had discussions with them?

TRUMP: Many times and it just doesn’t work out. They have a reporter there named Ben-something. He’s terrible. He writes so badly and so incorrectly. I don’t mind a bad story when it’s a fact. Of all of them, I find Politico to be the worst.

BANNON: Did you go to Paul Singer and Sheldon Adelson and to the Kochs begging for money?

TRUMP: No. Is that what the story said?

BANNON: It said that you have been trying to set up meetings with Adelson, with Paul Singer, with the Kochs.

TRUMP: Paul Singer I don’t know. David Koch invited me to his house a long time ago, during the summer, long before I was running. … and I went there along with many other people. Fifty or sixty people. I didn’t go for money. I didn’t invite myself. I was in Palm Beach. In fact, I was a little bit upset about it because I couldn’t play golf that day. I would have preferred to play golf, as much as I like David.

Later in the interview, Trump said that he hoped John Harwood’s “career has been destroyed.” Harwood was the left-wing moderator of CNBC’s GOP debate last week.


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