Dr. Ben Carson: ‘I Am Going To Fight CNN Tooth and Nail’

Rebecca Cook/Reuters
Rebecca Cook/Reuters

In 2008, a mere month prior to Election Day, CNN investigative report Drew Griffin uncovered a game-changer: then-candidate Barack Obama had lied about his adult relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers. Watch the video. Watch CNN’s Anderson Cooper drop it as a nothingburger. Neither CNN nor the rest of the DC Media would ever touch the subject again.

Fast-forward eight years. In what  is obviously a racially-motivated effort to disqualify a free-thinking black man, CNN is pouring a half-dozen investigative reporters into Detroit with the goal of destroying  Carson’s rise to power. This is part of the CNN’s DNA. Going back to slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation, Democrats have been socialized into destroying black people who threaten their political power.

Because no one can remember a few fights and a non-stabbing that occurred more than fifty years ago, CNN is smearing Carson as a liar and crazy.  Imagine that: growing up in a violent ghetto and not being able to remember someone throwing a rock 57 years ago?

In a 30-minute CNN interrogation by an alternately patronizing, belligerent, and defensive Alisyn Camerota Friday morning, Dr. Ben Carson stayed on offense. He attacked the network based on facts: The fact CNN did not vet Barack Obama; the fact that CNN’s so-called investigative reporters have not talked to people from the era when the incidents occurred; the fact that CNN and the rest of the DC Media only seek to personally destroy Republicans while Hillary Clinton is awarded The Best Week Ever after it was proven she had lied to the American people about Benghazi.

In an interview with Breitbart News on Sirius XM radio, immediately after CNN’s interrogation, Ben Carson promised to fight CNN tooth and nail. “Absolutely, I am going to fight CNN tooth and nail,” Carson said. “They will see, believe me, they will see.”

CNN is “coming from a place falsehood,” Carson added. “I’m coming from a place of truth, and truth always wins.”

You can listen to the full interview is here:

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