Yet Another Phony Anti-Trump Fact Check from The Washington Post

The serial-fraud that is the Washington Post fact-checker just keeps …

The serial-fraud that is the Washington Post fact-checker just keeps  rolling along, this time with yet another phony attack on a Republican presidential candidate. WaPo’s dishonest left-wing partisans awarded Donald Trump three Pinocchios for saying,  “The current state of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is absolutely unacceptable. Over 300,000 veterans died waiting for care.”

The Post admit there is a basis for the number cited by Trump, no less than the Inspector General of the United States of America:

Investigators found there were about 867,000 records in a “pending” status, meaning the veteran applied for enrollment but the VA needed additional information (often financial) before approving the veteran for benefits. Of those records, 307,173 were for people who were reported as deceased by the Social Security Administration.

The Post also admits that they don’t know what the real number is:

But given all the limitations in the database, it’s impossible to know whether those veterans had died before or after the VA began its health-care enrollment system, or whether they had applied for health care.

And yet, despite the fact that there is enough of a basis for the number that it was reported by outlets like and CNN, despite the fact that the WaPo fact-checker does not know the correct number, Trump is still being branded a liar with three Pinocchios when Hillary Clinton only got two Pinocchios for her insane claim she tried to join the Marines.

Now we have to look at why WaPo is hitting Trump on the VA issue.

When you understand that the media’s primary biases are about expanding the size and power of the federal government and protecting those who share their goal, the answer is really very simple.

A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton said the VA scandal wasn’t that big of a deal, so she is vulnerable on the issue. Trump has been very strong on this particular issue, and this is a partisan attempt by the Washington Post to turn one of Trump’s strengths into a negative by branding him as dishonest on one of his core issues.

The 300,000 number also takes your breath away. It is a stunning figure that immediately makes clear just how craven, corrupt, and incompetent the federal government is. That is not the kind of fact the leftists at the Washington Post want floating out there in the public sphere. It harms the cause of making the central government a solution to our every problem.

According to these fact-checking frauds, Hillary didn’t lie about Benghazi but Carly Fiorina lied when she said she started out as a secretary when in fact she started out as a secretary.


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