Washington Post Fact-Checker Lies About Obama’s Stated Desire to Confiscate Guns

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Longtime Barack Obama supporter Glenn Kessler, who disguises himself (rather poorly) as an objective fact-checker for the Washington Post, was again caught red-handed lying about Barack Obama’s stated desire to confiscate Americans’ guns. Although Obama has repeatedly cited Australia’s countrywide gun confiscation laws as a solution to the legions of mass-shootings here in America under his watch, Kessler still branded Marco Rubio a liar for saying so.

Serial liar Kessler dismisses Obama’s repeated praise for these confiscation laws based on President YouCanKeepYourInsurance’s most recent speech and executive actions, as though that somehow wipes out years of raising confiscation laws as a solution, a legislative record going back more than a decade, and recent call to ban semiautomatic pistols and rifles, which means a ban on most weapons.

If I was the Republican governor of a state with no death penalty dealing with a series of prisoner escapes, and said time and again that Texas doesn’t have this problem, I’m sure if I later said that my comments had nothing to do with supporting the death penalty, the objective, unbiased Glenn Kessler would attack my critics for saying so with his partisan Pinocchios.

Although Carly Fiorina started out her business career as a secretary, Kessler branded her a liar for saying so. Although Barack Obama did not visit Israel during his first term, Kessler branded Mitt Romney a liar for saying so. And now…

Although Barack Obama has repeatedly presented gun confiscation as a solution to America’s mass shootings, Kessler is branding Rubio a liar for saying so.

Hillary Clinton has also praised Australia’s confiscation laws.


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