Private Jets Crowd San Francisco for Super Bowl

Private jet (Roderick Eime / Flickr / Cropped / CC)
Roderick Eime / Flickr / Cropped / CC

A number of wealthy people using private jets are landing in northern California for the Super Bowl, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Although the Chronicle tries simplyto  report the facts, such as the exponentially greater number of jets using airports, and the cost for the users (“Usually, about a half-dozen private jets might use Panico’s facility at any one time. This weekend, there could be as many as 200”; “about 1,200 luxury jets are expected at the private airports of San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Concord”; “Normally it costs $50 to $200 a night to park a jet inside the Hayward hangar. This weekend it costs $1,200 a night”), the paper’s reportage is redolent with carping and sniping at those wealthy enough to afford the privilege of using private jets.

For example: “So many $50 million jets will be slumming it in Hayward that the airport will shut down one runway and turn it into a temporary parking lot.”

The Chronicle also takes a vicious shot at openly Christian quarterback Tim Tebow: “former quarterback Tim Tebow, the love-to-hate Heisman Trophy-winner famous for thanking the almighty on his knees for each touchdown.”

“Tebow, like other muckety-mucks flying into the East Bay on Thursday, did not linger at the airport after getting off the plane. Private jet passengers seldom do. They hop into waiting cars and stretch limousines, and off they go.”

The article calls the riders arriving for the game, “swells who fly on private jets.”


How odd for the paper of record in the heart of one of the richest cities in America to resent the wealthy.


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