Video: James O’Keefe Confronts Journalists in Spin Room After Debate

James O'Keefe spin room (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)
Joel Pollak / Breitbart News

Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe of Project Veritas defended his recent exposé of Democratic operatives inciting violence at Trump rallies — “bird-dogging” — as he spoke to reporters in the spin room after the third presidential debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday evening.

When left-wing journalist Sam Seder of the Majority Report confronted O’Keefe with claims of selective editing, O’Keefe countered by challenging Seder to name a single edit he had made in any of his videos that was misleading. Seder could not.

Later, Seder brought up the well-worn accusation that video from O’Keefe’s ACORN sting in 2009 had been misleading, because of a fur coat that O’Keefe wore in a whimsical introductory shot that he did not actually wear to any of his meetings with ACORN.

As O’Keefe pointed out to Seder on Wednesday, the fur coat had nothing to do with the video footage that had been recorded on hidden camera.

Seder challenged O’Keefe to show the full raw footage of the hidden camera videos in his recent investigation. O’Keefe noted that he was being held to a higher standard than other journalists, and that the Democratic National Committee had tacitly admitted the validity of his reporting by firing two officials linked to the “bird-dogging.”

The videos O’Keefe has released thus far also show a Democratic consultant claiming that the Hillary Clinton campaign used a system of text messages among consultants — a “Pony Express” — to coordinate between the campaign and the super PACs.

The White House on Wednesday attempted to downplay the relationship between President Barack Obama and Robert Creamer, the Chicago organizer at the heart of the new revelations.

O’Keefe responded in a statement to Breitbart News that warned: “We have hours and hours of footage, including audio recordings of phone calls between Robert Creamer and the White House.”

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