Washington Times Top 10 Fake News Stories: #9 ‘Bannon White Supremacist’


Kelly Riddell writes in the Washington Times that “since ‘fake news’ is all the rage within the mainstream media,” she has comprises a Top 10 list of news stories reported on by the mainstream media “that turned out to be, well, fake.” Number 9 on the list is the media’s false reporting that Steve Bannon, former Breitbart Executive Chairman and current chief strategist to Donald Trump, is a “white supremacist.”

From the Washington Times:

9. Donald Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon is a white supremacist

There is absolutely no evidence of this, but the mainstream media loves to splash the idea around — or at least infer that Mr. Bannon, because of his association with alt-right website Breitbart, is a white supremacist, racist, bigoted, xenophobe, etc.

“White nationalists see advocate in Steve Bannon who will hold Trump to his campaign promises,” a CNN headline read.

“Steve ‘Turn on the Hate’ Bannon in the White House,” The New York Times editorial board wrote.

The New York Daily News added fuel to the fire writing: “Here’s why white supremacist groups love Stephen Bannon.”

It’s all in an effort to smear the man who won Mr. Trump the White House, and therefore the president-elect himself.

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