CNN’s Tapper Confirms Michael Cohen Did Not Visit Russia As Report Claims


CNN’s Jake Tapper confirmed today that the Michael Cohen named in the recently released and unverifiable BuzzFeed documents did not visit Russia as the documents claimed.

Tapper confirmed on CNN news this morning that the man identified as Cohen in the unverified documents is not the same Michael Cohen who is President-elect Donald Trump’s special counsel.

Trump’s Cohen has already denied the claim he visited Russia. 

Tapper discussed Cohen’s involvement Tuesday morning saying, “In this uncorroborated report it talks about Michael Cohen, Trump’s official corporate lawyer, making a trip to the Czech Republic. My reporting suggests that people did try to run that down and they concluded that it was a different Michael Cohen.”

Tapper further explained that another man named Michael Cohen had travelled to the Czech Republic. “It was a Michael Cohen with a passport from another country, same birth year [as Trump’s counsel], different birth date. So for Michael Cohen to dispute that he was in the Czech Republic completely confirms with our reporting.”

“It’s one of the reasons why the intelligence chiefs did not get specific with these allegations … because a lot of that stuff just has not been proven,” he added. 

Tapper also said CNN had earlier declined to report on the allegations because they could not confirm the claims. 

Watch the clip from CNN below,

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