Ace of Spades: ‘CNN Had No Problem’ with Trump’s Face Superimposed on Julius Caesar


Blogger Ace of Spades points out another facet of CNN’s hypocrisy in its ongoing meltdown over a goofy wrestling meme that President Donald Trump tweeted.

From Ace of Spades:

One last point: CNN’s corporate parent, Time Warner, donates to the theatrical troupe that staged a Trump assassination play, with Trump dressed up as Caesar, being butchered. They refused to stop donating to them during the tempest over that.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria gushed over the play like “Trump’s” wounds after he was stabbed a dozen times.

What was that play? It was a recontextualization of an existing bit of drama, right?

It was taking “Julius Caesar” and putting Trump’s face on it.

CNN had no problem with it — they rather seemed to like it.

So now Trump takes another bit of staged drama — low drama, but drama nonetheless — and sticks a CNN logo over the head of the guy Trump tackled during a WWE event.

What’s the difference?

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