WATCH – Truth to Power: CNN’s Jeff Zeleny Heckled as ‘Fake News’ In Texas

Though it wanes on a daily basis due to credibility suicide, few things are still more powerful than our fake news media. But nothing is more delicious than watching Texans speak truth directly to that corrupt power — especially in a live shot!

Case in point, the video embedded below, which was grabbed by the Daily Wire’s Robert Kraychik.

Watch and revel in the glory as CNN “reporter” Jeff Zeleny — who once asked President Barry about what most “enchanted” him — is seen on-camera smugly talking down to Trump  and his supporters about how this president is still learning on the job, learning about empathy, leaning about blah, blah, blah and lies, lies, lies… Everyone knows Trump has so far done a terrific job handling this crisis, which is simply killing a media desperate for a Katrina moment.


During this particular live shot, the only truth you will hear comes from those not seen on camera, from those badass Texans in the background who let it be known that “CNN is fake news”:

For good trolling measure, at right around the 1:50 mark, one Texan walks right into Zeleny’s live shot to tell the world “CNN is ISIS.”

The tweedy, dishonest Zeleny writes off this vitally important truth-to-power moment as “antics,” but the wrist-flicking of inconvenient facts is what America has come to expect from this last-place cable news network.

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