Nolte: Same CNN That Hired Benghazi-Liar Jay Carney Wants Sean Spicer Blacklisted


The shameless and dangerous serial-liars over at CNN, the same leftwing CNN that openly calls for riots in black neighborhoods, that pointed what looked like a sniper scope at President Trump’s office window, that openly jokes about Trump’s plane crashing, that knew the “Golden Showers” dossier was a pile of fake news when they stopped the world to tell us about it, that openly compares Trump to Hitler, that lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and OMG lies, does not want to see Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spicer “normalized.”

The thing to keep in mind is that CNN’s rampage against Spicer has nothing to do with “normalizing” anyone. What this really is about is a blacklisting crusade. CNN is sending a message to “polite society” to not hire Spicer because he’s a liar,” because he “lied” to the media and to the American people… Something CNN does pretty much does every hour of every day.

By extension, though, what CNN is really attempting to do is to send a message to the rest of “polite society,” a warning that clearly says that if you have anything to do with Trump, CNN will have you blacklisted, removed from “polite society,” and made unemployable.

Forget about all that, though. There is a much more interesting angle to this…

Let us return to yesteryear, to September 10 of 2014, the day CNN — the very same CNN currently looking to blacklist Spicer — hired Jay Carney, the man who held the same job as Spicer in the Obama White House, the man who repeatedly lied to the American people –not about meaningless things like crowd size (if you buy that Spicer lied, and I do not), but about the deaths of four brave Americans in Benghazi, including our own ambassador:

Here is a short list of Jay Carney lying directly to the media and to the American people about 4 dead Americans:

“There was no intelligence that in any way could have been acted on to prevent these attacks.”

“[T]hese protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region[.]”

You know, we have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack.”

“We do not, at this moment, have information to suggest or to tell you that would indicate that any of this unrest was preplanned.”

“[B]ased on the information that we had then and have now we do not yet have indication that it was pre-planned or pre-meditated.”

The documentation of Carney’s other, unrelenting lies, about everything from the IRS scandal to Obamacare to things as mundane as someone’s connection to the Obama White House, are documented everywhere.

These are not mistakes made by Carney, these are not claims that cannot be proven one way or another (like the true size of the worldwide audience for Trump’s inauguration), these are flat-out, bald-faced lies coming from a press secretary who knew better, but who was more concerned with protecting Barry’s re-election than giving four dead Americans (and their shattered families) the respect that comes with telling the truth.

And the same CNN currently working overtime to blacklist Spicer over a stupid crowd size claim, is the very same CNN that just a few years ago rushed to hire, normalize, embrace, empower, make wealthy and famous Obama’s Chief Benghazi Liar.

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