Very Jake News: CNN Lies About Trump Violating Tradition of Taking Media Questions in China

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Jake Tapper, CNN’s struggling afternoon anchor, led his fake news network on a dishonest crusade, all in a partisan effort to spread lies as a means to blast President Trump for not taking media questions during his China visit.

In a tweetstorm Thursday morning, Tapper began with, “The Chinese government never wants to take questions from US reporters. In the past American presidents have insisted upon it.” And then, while doing his best Frank Burns imitation, Tapper self-righteously added, “as a demonstration of standing up for the freedoms our nation believes in.”

Tapper continued his sanctimonious, flag-waving scold:

The fact-challenged anchor then furiously retweeted all of this — including wildly misleading (as you will see below) information from President Obama’s former-press secretary Jay Carney, who was not on the ’09 trip but certainly knows better:


For hours and hours and hours on Thursday morning, the truth-averse Tapper led a holier-than-thou parade of partisan red-baiters against Trump…

But there was just one itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny little problem…

The entire foundation of this media freak-out is based on the idea that Trump violated some long-held tradition of American presidents defying the Chinese to take questions from the media … and that foundation is a big, fat lie.

In 2009, CNN’s very own Precious Obama did not take media questions in China.

Here is the video, which is available to anyone, including CNN liars, if they so choose to show an interest in the facts before popping off:

And here is the transcript of CNN’s Precious Barry not taking questions during his 2009 trip to China.

The Internet is amazing.

For real.

There is all kinds of wonderful and useful information to those who wish to avoid spreading fake news.

And is it not interesting that in that first tweet embedded above, Tapper was able to quickly locate video of Obama taking questions in 2014, but just happened to miss that video of Obama not taking questions during his first China visit.

Weird, eh?

And so, but only after hours and hours of lying, CNN did finally concede it is a fake news factory:

At least Diamond admitted his mistake. Tapper, of course, is not that honest. So a full two hours after his tweet storm (which ended with 6), he added a #7 as though he had meant to tell the truth all along. Yep, after re-tweeting Diamond’s fake news about Trump setting a modern precedent, after re-tweeting Carney’s misinformation, without apologizing or acknowledging his mistake, Tapper arrogantly pretends he did nothing wrong.

And let’s not forget that Tapper was the senior White House corespondent for ABC News during Obama’s 2009 China trip. But I guess Tapper just forgot about his Precious Barry failing in his “demonstration of standing up for the freedoms our nation believes in!”

Gee, it appears as though Tapper might have even been in China with Barry!

As the old saying goes, the cover up is always sleazier than the fake news spree.

Earlier this week, CNN was caught using fake video to fabricate a Trump gaffe in Japan.

That same day, CNN was caught selectively-editing a quote in order to fabricate a gaffe during President Trump’s meeting with Japanese automakers.

Late last week, Tapper misinformed his viewers about the true meaning of the Islamic cry “Allahu Akbar” and then melted down over the criticism.

Does anyone have any other question about why CNN and Tapper are in dead last place, about why the Least Trusted Name In News is now a reliable punchline for anyone who believes in facts, truth, and simple human decency?

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