Elite Media Scandal Widens: 3 Guardian Staffers Under Investigation for Misconduct


BuzzFeed News reports that the Guardian, a left-wing news outlet, currently has three staffers under investigation for everything from sexual harassment to groping. Included in the group is Ian Prior, a senior editor in charge of the Guardian’s digital verticals.

Two unnamed male reporters are also under investigation, which means all three join Matt Sullivan, the Guardian’s former-deputy U.S. editor, who was accused of groping. “He’s alleged to have put his hand underneath a female employee’s shirt, on her torso and abdomen, and in the back pockets of her jeans,” BuzzFeed reports. Sullivan denied the allegation but left the Guardian over a year ago.

The Guardian is refusing to comment, as is Prior. The progressive outlet did say that no one has been suspended. Nevertheless, BuzzFeed’s sources claim that they have not been to work in days and someone has taken over Prior’s duties.

This bombshell news adds the progressive Guardian to an ever-growing list of elite media outlets embroiled in a mushrooming sex scandal that has already tagged Mark Halperin of NBC News and ABC News, David Corn of Mother Jones, Leon Wieseltier and Hamilton Fish of the New Republic, Michael Oreskes of NPR and the New York Times, and Matt Taibbi and Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone.

The Guardian’s three staffers means that in just  a little over a month, 10 members of the elite media have been accused of some sort of misconduct towards female staffers. 

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CORRECTION: This piece and its headline have been updated to reflect the fact Matt Sullivan is no longer with the Guardian


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