Nolte: MSM’s Phony Clinton Contrition Is Only About Destroying Roy Moore

Bill Clinton and Roy Moore collage

One of the great mainstream media hoaxes of all-time is currently underway courtesy of, among others, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, CNN’s Jake Tapper, the Atlantic, David Remnick, and even the New York Times. Watching these leftists pretend to soul-search after participating in a 25-year cover-up of the sexual misconduct allegations against former President Bill Clinton is merely a reminder of just how venal the media are.

Yes, just one year after Hayes, Tapper, the Atlantic, Remnick, and the New York Times, sold their souls to put Bill Clinton, an accused rapist, and his chief enabler, Hillary Clinton, back in the White House, all of a sudden the media have decided that right now is the perfect time to do penance for participating in a craven conspiracy that primarily involved their merciless trashing of the Clintons’ alleged victims.

But that is not all: For some five years, right up to this very day, the MSM have protected U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, a Democrat currently on trial for corruption, and who is also accused of having sex with underage hookers.

The convenience of this sudden journalistic desire to soul-search over their Clinton-enabling (even as they intentionally smother the Menendez story) is not at all a coincidence.

Let us begin with the fact that this burst of conscience came only after the Clintons are finally and forever finished in politics.

With Bill and Hillary now banished by the one/two-punch of President Trump and Donna Brazile, not only is there no political downside for the media to confess its sins, there is also all kinds of political upside.

The only reason the media are trying to wipe away 25 years of indefensible behavior, is to weaponize this phony act of contrition against the Republican Party. This “awakening” is nothing less than a tactic, a battlefield maneuver to win back the U.S. Senate for Democrats by taking down Judge Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama.

The media now know that its Clinton wagon-circling was short-sighted, that it changed the political culture for a generation, and, more importantly, that it forever undermined their own moral authority in a way that made it impossible for them to take down Donald Trump in 2016.

Fearing a repeat in Alabama, fearing that a Roy Moore victory will not only protect the Republican majority, but once again prove (as Trump’s victory did) just how little power and credibility the feckless media have over a voting public that (for good reason) no longer trusts them, these pathetic serial-liars and shameless shills seem to believe that pretending to have a conscience will somehow burnish them with enough credibility to cudgel Moore into a defeat.

Of course, what makes this all so laughable is that, at this very moment, the media that are apologizing for protecting the Clintons are also using their well-honed Clinton-esque tactics to protect Bob Menendez.

If the media were truly contrite, the Menendez story would be burning up the headlines every bit as much as the Roy Moore story. But I guess we will have to wait another 20 years for that “apology,” or for that “apology” to serve the media’s left-wing agenda in some way.

Over the last 25 years, the mainstream media have been a cancer on our democracy, an institution so compromised, so vile and mistrusted, the wreckage is all around us. And if Moore is indeed guilty, that wreckage might include a U.S. senator who has no business being there, but who made it anyway, in no small part, because the bitterly partisan Menendez-MSM cannot be trusted.

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