Journalist: Donald Trump Jr. Abusive Towards Women When He Was 3-Years-Old

Donald Trump Jr.
AP/Richard Drew

Journalist Virginia Heffernan has accused Donald Trump Jr. of being abusive towards women when he was just a three-year-old.

Responding to a snarky tweet from Bloomerg’s Steven Dennis, where the left-wing reporter taunted Trump Jr. over his “slick” hair, Heffernan, a former staffer for Politico and the New York Times, dropped the bombshell that as a three-year-old, Trump Jr. responded with a “Fuck you, bitch” after a teacher named Anna asked him to move his mat.

According to Heffernan, the experience was so traumatic, Anna “quit teaching forever at the end of that year.”

People responded in various ways to the news of Anna’s career-aspirations being shattered by a three-year-old.

Some believe this anecdote is a teachable moment that speaks to important social and political issues:

Others blamed former President Ronald Reagan:

Most, however, ridiculed the “snowflake” Anna:

Earlier this week, NBC’s Megyn Kelly interviewed women who claimed to have been harassed by President Trump. One woman recounted how uncomfortable she felt when the real estate billionaire asked for her phone number. Another claimed Trump groped her in front of the late Ray Charles,  who was blind.

Thus far, Trump Jr. has not responded to the allegation that he engaged in misconduct as a three-year-old.

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