VICE Warns: NRA Wants to Arm… Women!

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Just over a week after Nikolas Cruz opened fire in a gun-free school zone, VICE warned that the NRA wants to arm… women!

In other words, VICE is fretting over the fact that the NRA actually wants the vulnerable be able to defend themselves.

VICE tweeted:

After unarmed teachers have been killed in gun-free school zone after gun-free school zone, VICE’s criticism is aimed at the NRA for wanting teachers to be able to defend themselves. After armed attacks on numerous churches, VICE is bothered that the NRA wants “preachers” and other church members to be able to defend the congregation. And after 49 were killed in the gun-free Orlando Pulse nightclub, VICE is bothered that the NRA wants to allow club goers with concealed permits to carry in order to defend themselves and others.

There is nothing reckless about supporting the right of law-abiding citizens to be armed for self-defense. But the left’s bans on being armed have certainly paid predictable and bloody dividends.

And it is abundantly clear why VICE is trolling for outrage clicks — in the new year, the media company has announced several rounds of layoffs and “restructuring” to stay afloat.

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