Stoneman Douglas EIC Tells CNN ‘Journalism Is a Form of Activism’

CNN Stelter Reliable Sources Marjory Stoneman Screenshot

The editor-in-chief of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s student newspaper told CNN media reporter Brian Stelter on Sunday that “journalism is a form of activism” without any pushback.

Stelter interviewed Rebecca Schneid on his weekly Reliable Sources show a day after the March for Our Lives event in Washington. Stelter, who said he also edited his high school paper and now hosts a weekly show that largely cheerleads for all things legacy media, asked: “Rebecca, I wonder what yesterday felt like for you because I see a lot of Parkland students becoming activists, but you all were there as journalists. Do you see a difference right now between journalism and activism and what you’re doing?”

“I think that for me, the purpose of journalism is to raise, you know, the voices of people that maybe don’t have a voice and so, I think that in its own right journalism is a form of activism,” she told Stelter. “And I think that there is distinctions for me you know as a journalist and also as someone that wants to demand change, but I think that the partnership of the two is the only reason that we are able to make a change.”

Unlike Stelter and CNN, the left-wing activist network that pretends to be neutral, Schneid at least admitted her biases, which makes her a more credible reporter than most of CNN’s so-called “objective” journalists. Case in point: Stelter reportedly admitted that he allowed left-wing Parkland activist David Hogg to make false claims about guns on his show because he did not want to interrupt Hogg too many times.

Mainstream media journalists subsequently argued about whether journalism is a form of “activism.”