Amazon Pampers 6,000 Dogs While Warehouse Workers Pee in Bottles

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In an unfortunate coincidence for Amazon, on the same day a puffy public relations piece about the retail giant’s pampering of 6,000 dogs made the rounds through our compliant media, so did a report about warehouse employees being forced to urinate into bottles in order to keep up with their respective work quotas without sanction.

At the retail giant’s 8.1 million square foot  Seattle headquarters, life is not only good for Amazon’s employees, but 6,000 of their pets, who are not only allowed to spend the day with their owners at work, but enjoy all kinds of perks, including treats at every reception desk, a doggie deck where they can run around, and even a leash-free park.

While no one with a heart could begrudge the pampering of any animal, especially man’s best friend, the comparison to how poorly  Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (who also owns the far-left Washington Post) reportedly treats a countless number of his employees, could not be more striking.

“The target grows every year. I do not have two more legs yet to make the 100% to pick, where you actually need to run and go to the toilet just during the break,” one Amazon warehouse worker who works in the UK, reported. Others claimed that they avoid “drinking water throughout their work shift for fear of having to use the toilet.”

For those of us who worked on the top floor, the closest toilets were down four flights of stairs,” claimed James Bloodworth, an undercover investigator. “People just peed in bottles because they lived in fear of being ­disciplined over ‘idle time’ and ­losing their jobs just because they needed the loo.”

Other reports have found that, unlike those Seattle-based dogs and their 17th floor bathroom amenities, one fulfillment center (read warehouse) in the UK offered its working class employees “disgusting and ill-maintained toilets are over a quarter mile away within the vast complex.” At this same complex, an investigative reporter found  “staff asleep on their feet, exhausted,” adding that “those who could not keep up with the punishing targets faced the sack – and some who buckled under the strain had to be attended to by ambulance crews.”

According to these reports, Bezos appears to have created a disturbing caste system within his empire. The white collar employees and their pets are treated like royalty, while the working class are treated like paid slaves.

Bezos’ Washington Post, the left-wing news outlet President Trump has accused of acting as an Amazon lobbying firm, has already published 39 stories about Amazon this month, many of them in defense of Amazon, but not a word about Monday’s undercover report about working conditions being so bad, warehouse workers are peeing in bottles.

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