Stormy Fail: Trump’s Evangelical Support Hits Record High


A poll by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that support for President Trump among white evangelicals has hit a record high of 75 percent. Only 22 percent view the president unfavorably.

The Hill reports that the “president’s favorability with white evangelicals in the poll has steadily risen over time, with his previous high being at 74 percent in February 2017.”

At one point this year, though, that number sat at just 68 percent.

In this same poll, among the general public, Trump’s job approval number sits at 42 percent, a five point jump since January.

One key take away from this poll is the establishment media’s total failure to separate Trump from the evangelical vote. This goal is why the media is willing to make such hypocritical fools of themselves while obsessing over Trump’s sex life.

The very same media that ignored, downplayed, and defended Bill Clinton and John Edwards from sex scandals that occurred in the White House and on the campaign trail, are more than willing to look ridiculous frenzying over the possibility that Trump might have boinked some hotties in consensual relationships more than a dozen years ago.

The whole point of this coverage is to undermine Trump’s support with his core in the evangelical community, which only proves how provincial and out-of-touch the media are in believing such a thing would work.

What’s more, when you see the jump in support from 68 percent to 75 percent during the very same period the media decided to go 24/7 with Trump’s sex life, it is safe to say that this tactic has not only failed, it has backfired.

Of course, the media are not alone. There are a countless number of stupes in the NeverTrump movement, like Jonah Goldberg, who are just as obsessed and ignorant.

To begin with, as Tucker Carlson so memorably put it, after eight years of Christians having their religious freedoms under assault during the Obama-era, we are looking for a bodyguard, not a saint. And let us not forget that many of the saints were not saints, but rather complicated, fallen, and difficult people who fell short in all kinds of ways.

Moreover, a present-day scandal (Edwards, Clinton) compared to something that might have happened over a decade ago, is just not a concern to the Faithful (I’m Catholic), especially when the fascist state wants us to pay for abortions and force Christian cake and floral artists to participate in the sacramentalization of sin that is a same sex wedding.

But because their bigoted and narrow minds stereotype evangelicals, the media and NeverTrump have confused the Faithful with the Pharisees — those judgmental finger-pointers who damn the imperfect. These bigots have forgotten that Christians are instead taught to  refrain from judgment and to focus on our own sins.

The truth is that it is the media and NeverTrump who are behaving like the Pharisees, using sin as a political weapon to further their own mercenary goals.  There is no principle behind their self-righteous moralizing, just ego and bitterness, a craven desire to emotionally blackmail and manipulate people.

Jesus had the choice of siding with the sinners or the hypocritical Pharisees. He chose the sinners, knowing there was at least some hope for their salvation while the strident, sanctimonious Pharisees were hopeless.

There is an important lesson in that.

As long as Trump keeps protecting our rights and the pious scolds keep standing atop the logs in their eyes to hector us into condemning others, this is a shockingly easy choice.

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