CNN Asks ‘How Black will the Royal Baby Be?’

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CNN is under intense fire Tuesday after the network’s writer-producer John Blake published an article with the sub-headline asking “How Black will the Royal Baby Be?”

The piece, published on Monday under the headline “Analysis: Don’t use the royal birth to trot out a dangerous myth,” apparently sought to address the flood of news reports describing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s newborn son as the “first Afro-American baby born into the royal family.”

“But let’s not use the royal birth to trot out a dangerous myth,” Blake wrote. “Let’s not turn this child into another ‘Great Mixed-Race Hope.'”

Blake offered his readers an alternative outlook on which they might view the newest addition to the royal family, one he says is divorced from the current racial obsession and worthy of celebrating.

“Imagine a child born to a couple like the Duke and Duchess, and no one obsesses over their racial mixture, or how white or black they look. Imagine if that child was born with dark skin, a wide nose, and kinky hair — and people would still call that child ‘gorgeous,'” Blake wrote in conclusion. “All that would matter is that the child has two parents who love him or her. That’s the kind of fairy tale I’m waiting for.”

The outcry and criticism of Blake and CNN came in fast and furious, with Hollywood figures, left-wing activists, and even former CNN personalities blasting the network.

“CNN needs more people of color working in the executive, decision-making ranks. Obviously,” former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien said.

“My God, @CNN just legitimately asked ‘How black will the royal baby be?’ **and 100% unironically warned** ‘commentators who reinforce dangerous racist stereotyped are totally unaware of the damage.'” said Virginia Democratic state senate candidate Qasim Rashid.

“Hey Jeff Zucker, Amy Entelis, Ken Jautz and the @CNN leadership team. This is why [the National Association of Black Journalists] has called y’all out on no Black executives. This is one of the dumbest headlines this year. WTF?!” former CNN contributor Roland Martin fumed at CNN head Zucker.

Blake, at the time of this reporting, has not responded to the criticism he and CNN face.

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