Nolte: Chris Cuomo’s Guns Must Be Red-Flagged After Unhinged ‘Fredo’ Meltdown

CNN primetime anchor Chris Cuomo.
Instagram / @chrisccuomo

If we are going to “red flag” unstable and potentially dangerous individuals who own guns, we must start with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his “Fredo” meltdown.

Back in May, after he mocked a rape victim, Kimberly Coban, for publicly supporting her Second Amendment right to own a firearm, Cuomo tried to dig his way out of the mess by admitting he is himself a gun owner.

“Only in America” are we still debating the legitimate right to protect oneself like you and many others vs sensible way to keep guns from wrong people. Only here can we not address the issues around school shootings in a way that respects the ill and also people who get guns legally (as I did) and use responsibly (as I). We are stuck with good people having to beg to keep a right and not getting done what is right for federal reasonable restrictions and mental health reform.

As you can see, while Cuomo owns guns, he is also worried about guns getting in the hands of the “wrong people.” He is in favor of “reasonable restrictions” to ensure that doesn’t happen.

These are called Red Flag laws.

One wonders, then, if Cuomo would want someone to own a gun who has a public spaz attack and full-blown freakout over being tweaked with the silly nickname “Fredo.”

Let’s all try to imagine if the guy melting down in this video happened to be near a firearm:

After I had written the rest of this column, President Donald Trump had the same thought. Great minds? I leave you to judge.

What we have here with Cuomo is a deeply unstable and insecure individual with a hair-trigger temper–a touchy, uptight, and not-terribly-bright guy with a small man’s complex who immediately seeks to escalate a verbal encounter into a physical altercation, into violence, into throwing someone down a flight of stairs.

Should someone this insecure, this unstable, and this quick to anger and violence over a silly insult really be in possession of a firearm?

I think that after he has some time to settle down and think about it, even Cuomo himself would agree that he should turn in his guns and, in the future, let Moe Greene handle the unruly customers.

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