Bloomberg: Chris Wallace Is Fox News’ ‘Face of the Trump Resistance’

President-elect Donald Trump poses for a photo with Chris Wallace before his interview for "Fox News Sunday" at Trump Tower in New York, Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
AP Photo/Richard Drew

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace is the “new face of the Trump resistance” at the Fox News Channel following the unexpected departure of daytime anchor Shepard Smith, according to Bloomberg News.

From Bloomberg News:

On Oct. 13, Chris Wallace, the host of “Fox News Sunday,” grilled Secretary of Defense Mark Esper about the administration’s response to the growing Ukraine scandal. That night, President Donald Trump jumped on Twitter and compared Wallace unfavorably to his late father.

“Somebody please explain to Chris Wallace of Fox, who will never be his father (and my friend), Mike Wallace, that the Phone Conversation I had with the President of Ukraine was a congenial & good one,” Trump tweeted.

Expect much more of the same to follow.

Two days earlier, Shepard Smith, whose tough and factual reporting style often drew the ire of Trump and his supporters,  abruptly left the network. For years, Smith served not only as Fox News’ premier breaking news anchor but also as the most prominent banner carrier for the network’s team of straight-news reporters.

His abdication positions Wallace as his natural successor. It’s a role guaranteed to attract fire. Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t appreciate it when his favorite TV channel exposes its viewers to unflattering news about him.

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