Video: Glenn Greenwald Attacked by Brazilian Journalist On-Air

Pânico Jovem Pan / YouTube

The Intercept editor and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald blocked a Brazilian reporter from striking his face during a live radio broadcast on Thursday.

The incident occurred between Greenwald and Augusto Nunes during the live radio show Pânico after The Intercept editor called out the reporter for accusing him and lawmaker husband David Miranda of not having enough time to raise their children. Nunes also called for Brazil’s Juvenile Court to investigate Greenwald and Miranda’s parenting.

Nunes had previously suggested that Greenwald and his husband, Brazilian politician David Miranda, did not have time to care for their children, and that the Juvenile Court should investigate the parents.

“I was thinking of this couple: Glenn Greenwald spends the day on Twitter or working as a recipient of stolen messages; David is in Brasilia […]. Who takes care of the children they adopted? That’s what the Juvenile Court should investigate,” Nunes previously said of the couple, BuzzFeed News reported.

Greenwald confronted Nunes regarding his remarks, calling them the “most disgusting thing I’ve seen in my life.” The journalist then questioned Nunes of whether he still stands behind his comments.

“I want to know if you still believe that a judge should investigate our family, with the possibility of taking our children away from home and returning … them to the shelter, without a mother, without a father, without a family,” Greenwald asked Nunes, according to BuzzFeed.

“I invite him to prove when I asked some court to do it. I just said that his companion spends time in Brasilia and he spends all his time dealing with stolen material, so who will take care of the children?” Nunes replied.

Greenwald then repeatedly called Nunes a coward, prompting the Brazilian journalist to strike him — though the blow was deflected — and say: “I’ll show you who has courage.”

Greenwald and Nunes were then broken up by the radio show’s staff. The Intercept editor then tried to slap Nunes in the face.


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