Nolte: Media Want to Put ‘Racist’ Trump in No-Win Situation over Coronavirus

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - OCTOBER 18: Mary Burney of Colorado Springs cheers during a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on October 18, 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The final presidential debate between Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is tomorrow. (Photo by Theo Stroomer/Getty Images)
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No sooner had President Trump finished his Oval Office address Wednesday night than CNN started screaming “racism.”

Basically the last ten days have gone like this…

CNN: Do something, Trump! Do something! Reassure us! Tell us what’s going on! Tell us you have a plan in place!

TRUMP: Here’s some reassurance and my plan.

CNN: Racist!

You see, no matter what Trump does, the fake news media, most especially far-left CNN, will attack it as dead wrong, as the exact opposite of what he should have done.

This is an election year, and if the media can destabilize our confidence, this will destabilize the economy, and Grandpa Joe Biden will become president — well, president in name only. He’s too feeble to preside over a bowl of oatmeal, much less a nation, so who knows who will truly be in charge.

This is a tactic the media frequently use during election years. The same thing was done to John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. Everything they did was wrong, while everything Barack Obama did was right. We’ve already seen a perfect 2020 example of this…

On Tuesday, Grandpa Joe screamed at a construction worker, told the poor guy he was “full of shit,” threatened some kind of violence, all while looking like someone who barely knew where he was or what was going on… And what did the fake news media do…? Hailed it as the most brilliant political move since John F. Kennedy hired Sam Giancana to handle his voter ID program in Chicago.

So why are the media attacking Trump as racist? Because in his effort to reassure the American people Tuesday night, he told the truth. The coronavirus started in China. It’s a foreign disease. Trump did not speak these words gratuitously. He did not buck his teeth and slant his eyes. These are facts that had to be made clear to all those watching at home from their recliners made from rolls of toilet paper.

After all, the biggest news from Trump’s speech was the travel restrictions, most especially from the European Union. (The UK sure Brexit’d in time, amiright?)

So how does it make sense to the public to institute crushing travel restrictions if the public is not informed this is a foreign-born disease? It doesn’t make sense. People had to know ground zero is in China.

Nevertheless, the media must promote the idea that Trump can do nothing right, so none of the facts around the virus matter. Trump’s address was racist because facts are racist ‘n stuff.

There’s also another malevolent piece of subtext at work here.

The media and the left (but I repeat myself), even as they scream we’re all gunna die from the Wuhan virus, still — as incredible as this sounds — want to keep the flood of foreigners coming into our country, including unscreened foreigners in the form of illegal aliens. They want to keep the floodgates open because these people are mostly future Democrat voters. They do not care how many Americans die or what this does to our economy.

The media also know the coronavirus validates everything Trump has said about America First, about the importance of building a wall, bringing manufacturing back home (which protects supply chains), and carefully screening those who want to enter our country. But the media want to distract from that validation with hysteria and cries of racism.

The bottom line is this… Trump will be judged on one metric and one metric only — the American death toll — how bad this thing gets, how many people die. Thus far, I have neither praised nor criticized Trump’s handling of this because I’m waiting to see the results. That’s the only thing that matters: the results. My guess is that most of the American people will do the same.

You see, I’m not a baby. The president’s “tone” will not reassure or rattle me. All I’m looking at are the numbers.

Now go wash your hands…                                       

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